Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Rat Stuff!

Got some new items in the mail today from AnimalLover2. I've been doing quite a bit of rat shoping on etsy actually. Got a few basic hammocks & corner hammocks from TomatoBrains just a couple of weeks ago. I also recently got a Bucket-O-Rats from Kistch N Sniff(& got another order from them on it's way). Thought I'd share some images with you, as they're wonderful pet home designers & their sewing quality is wonderful(very sturdy items). Also, the tunnel from AnimalLover2 & the Bucket were custom sizes. Always love a DIYer who will make customs for me :D

Hut by AnimalLover2

Tunnel by AnimalLover2

Hammock by TomatoBrains

Bucket-O-Rats by Kitsch N Sniff

As you can see, Homer is my ratty model :P He seems to get into every photo!
I will post about more DIY rat designers in the future... always finding new places to shop. etsy & eBay are always helpful in the 'rat shopping' realm though :P

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